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Visual, AI Powered Automation Design For Everyone

Process Automation isn’t just for devs anymore! DoFlo works like magic to create robust, reliable, and easy to monitor cross-platform automations.  

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know how to draw a chart? you’re ready to automate:

an automation solution that puts people first

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) ought to be something that helps workers do their jobs more effectively and with less stress. 

Unlimited Integrations

Integrations shouldn’t get in the way of optimizing your workflows. DoFlo uses AI to ensure that any integration just works.

A Familiar Interface

If you’ve ever used Miro or Lucid Charts to map a process, then you can make doflo automations. It’s that easy.

Reliability At Scale

DoFlo’s breakthough event streaming technology is dynamic and non-linear. That means no use case is too complex.

doFlo isn’t just for devs

Solutions like Workato, Zapier, Tray and Make are inflexible, requiring technical knowledge to implement. If they break (and they will!), you’ll have no idea what’s going wrong.

DoFlo works like magic! Map a flow chart, annotate it in plain English, and our ‘flo AI’ will turn it into a fully functional automation. Designing your automated workflows just became as simple as drawing a flow chart.

a proven team

The Founders of DoFlo have developed products used by millions of happy customers. We started a cyber-security firm that was acquired by AVAST in 2017, where we stayed on developing products for over 5 years.

We came to believe that AI will radically change the workplace, but we also believe workers must be in control of that transformation. AI should not replace people, but instead empower them. 

We’ve applied our experiences to bring you DoFlo: an AI powered RPA design platform that will free workers from the mundane, soul-crushing tasks, whether they’re in sales, customer care, product management, or creative professions. 



doFlo just works, and keeps working

Flo Ai works with virtually any third party software… even if it lacks a usable API. If it doesn’t work, we’ll assign a personally dedicated developer to your organization to make it happen, fast.

Once you’re up and running, scalability isn’t a problem. We scale to virtually any size with guaranteed reliability, and state-of-the-art analytics that will put you in full control of all your automated tasks. 

DoFlo Team, Will Butler, Thomas Maaseveen

Founders Thomas Maarseveen and Will Butler

Together Thomas and Will have founded 3 companies, including an MMORPG, Steel Mountain, and now DoFlo


Free for all September sign-ups!

Don’t worry, we won’t overwhelm you with purchase requests. The private beta will be free to use with our hosting credits (thanks Google) for as long as possible. In the future, we may make an offer, but only if you express interest.

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