About doFlo

Our Unique Values

DoFlo is not your typical tech startup. We embrace a unique set of values that place people before business, technology, or money.

Our Founding Team





The Founders of doFlo Thomas Maarseveen and Will Butler have developed products used by millions of happy customers.

We started a cyber-security firm that was acquired by AVAST in 2018, where we stayed on developing products for over 5 years.

We have founded 3 companies, including an MMORPG, Steel Mountain, and now doFlo

We came to believe that AI will radically change the workplace, but we also believe workers must be in control of that transformation. AI should not replace people, but instead empower them.

We’ve applied our experiences to bring you doFlo: an AI powered RPA design platform that will free workers from the mundane, soul-crushing tasks, whether they’re in sales, customer care, product management, or creative professions.

Our Proud Investors

Pax Momentum

Work With Us

doFlo is looking for talented fellow humans to join our dynamic team.

We offer a unique set of benefits including:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Balanced workload
  • Flexibility
  • Hybrid or remote positions
  • Education and group activities

Get in Touch with CEO Will Butler: Will@doflo.com