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doFlo has been in stealth mode for a little over a year but it is the result of our collective careers in the software industry. It represents the team's experience solving surprisingly similar challenges across years of client service work in vastly different focus areas. In short it's the tool we all wish we had, so that what we set out to build. A platform that will empower front office users, not get in the way of a power users and provide real value and purpose to the developer user. A platform that remains capable from as business scale from small to mid to enterprise.

The fragmentation of business software

Business software has continued to evolve as it has moved into the cloud. Early solutions were largely re-treads of existing on-premises software packages. Monolithic and focused on industry specific defined processes they often lacked the ability to make major changes in their core functionality. Today the landscape different, it is full of
services for just about every need and task and most of them are highly customizable. These more specialized services have a great number of benefits but have come with one giant cost. Because they are isolated, siloed services, coordinating them as part of longer running or more complex tasks can be difficult and in some cases impossible.
We aim to bring order to this chaos, proving a comprehensive orchestration framework with core capabilities, services and built in first class support for the services business use the most. Just because you can connect services together using other tools doesn't mean they can ensure reliability, scalability and compliance. These are concepts built in to doFlo from day one.

Metrics driven processes

Large organisations have used business metrics or
to inform decision making and to refine their processes for decades. From sales and logistics to hiring and product design. In large complex organizations there is no function that should not have a metric or KPI applied to it. Without experience however and the ability to clearly define, automate and iterate the businesses processes metrics and resulting KPIs can be difficult to define and measure. complexities around implementation, both perceived and real, have stood in the way of many organisations embrace of a metrics driven operating environment. Put another way implementation is not fully understood and perceived as too costly.
When your business or organisation builds your process into deployable / measurable patterns you make the transition from following the word of mouth best practices of your industry to acting on real feedback based operating procedures. We want to empower teams and business to optimise and test processes in the same way advanced marketing campaigns are continually monitored and adjusted.

Empowering Business Process Delivery

As businesses scale it is not uncommon to engage with business process consultants or other industry specific strategists. These groups come into an organization and through a series of fact finding meetings design and propose processes to follow to ensure they are working optimally and set up to scale. More and more these processes utilize technologies that must be integrated together to meet the goals proposed and this work is done by the consultant or a 3rd party system integrator. Now most consultants are industry specific which means if they have not created a product to implement their proposed strategies they will often deliver the same "custom" work product and set up the same integrations time and time again which ironically is not very efficient. When this happens It creates fragmentation because each of their customers has a uniquely deployed instance. The doFlo marketplace is being built directly into our workOS and automation platform to solve this problem. We think consultants and strategist are pivotal members of the community and are our ideal partners. We want to empower the delivery of integrations, regular upgrades and to enhance and optimise long standing relationships.We know building a community takes time but we are committed and know that together we can create new capabilities and opportunities for everyone involved.Today, we are working with a handful of pre-release customers and industry leaders, if you would like to schedule a call to learn more about what we are building or get involved please do not hesitate to connect with us here.

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