What is an iPaaS platform ?

What is an iPaaS and why should I care ?

iPaaS stands for Integration Platform as a Service and it is revolutionizing the way business is done on and face to face in the physical world.As the balance of enterprise applications shifts from on-premises to the cloud, the need for powerful, flexible, and scalable integration in the cloud is increasing. The SaaS (Software as a Service) explosion has transformed the deployment and operation of business applications, but it has also splintered business data into new cloud-based silos. The solution to this silo problem? An 
, designed to:
  1. Eliminate integration silos to connect all systems and applications
  2. Support use cases that span SaaS, on-premises and mainframe applications,
  3. Allow business analysts (citizen integrators) to develop integrations on their own while expanding accessibility with browser-based UIs that get updated and improved frequently
  4. Scale on demand to meet the requirements of the business
But when 
 vendors make you choose between “comprehensive capabilities” and “easy to use” - or between “deliver it fast” and “deliver a reliable solution” - you’ll lose no matter which choice you make. That’s why when it comes to your integration platform, it’s time to ask for more.
One of the most difficult trade-offs in cloud platforms is ease of use versus advanced capabilities. There are many new apps designed with simple interfaces that are accessible for technologists, also for product owners and even business users. Unfortunately, sometimes these don’t measure up when it comes to supporting thousands of transactions per second, 99.9% uptime, and (most of all) cloud security.Weaknesses in cloud security can have severe implications for your services, your customers, and ultimately your company. Today’s security recommendations go beyond SSL to certificate-based authentication, OAuth2 support, and data masking for protecting private information. When asked which of these is essential, security professionals will answer “all of them!”What you need is an 
 where users with less technical skill sets can easily create automated workflows using a drag-and-drop UI that doesn’t require scarce IT resources. But that iPaaS should also enable integration specialists to jump into a more advanced level for creating high-performance, secure services with complex data mapping and orchestration.

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